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Frank Durake sat at the yellow plasteen desk of his office, in the Association head-quarters on planet Earth. A bald, pale skinned woman sat on a metal chair, opposite the ginger haired man in the green uniform. Admiral Durake rested his chin on his hands, "And how do I know that you are telling me the truth?".

The bald woman smiled a toothless smile, "My sisters and I are clones, we are telephathic."

"That does not mean that you are being honest with me.", The admiral was suspicious of this strange visitor, he hated aliens, despised mutants and certainly did not have the time to waste on a clone.

"My name is Vani Reed. I am a scientist by nature, I do not lie."

"And how did you learn so much about The Quadagh Mercenary?", asked the double-chinned, ginger haired man.

"One of my sisters in on board the ship, we communicate in dreams."

"Is she aware of this?", asked Admiral Durake.

"We share our subconscious thoughts."

Frank Durake pressed a green button on his desk and the clean-shaven face of Walter Reilly appeared on the video monitor in the far wall of his office. "Leftenant Reilly, I have some good news for you."

"I'm listening, Admiral.", replied William Bonnays' ex-commanding officer.

"We've found the Lunar-Freak.", The ginger haired man leant back in his chair, "Your ship is waiting for you on the planet Minos, somewhere in the Andromeda cluster."

Walter Reilly smiled, "The Golden Hind is in docking bay twelve, fully armed and ready for action, I've already selected a new first officer."

"That will not be necessary, Leftenant. I will be assuming command of the vessel, notify the crew and prepare to take off as soon as I arrive."

Leftenant Reilly saluted the Admiral, "Yes, Sir."

The Golden Hind is the fastest ship in The Association. It is a small vessel, shaped like an arrow-head, with a skin of gold plating and armed with a Krotarin laser-cannon, Magnezoom missiles and titanium Nova-class torpedoes. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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