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The metal doors of the elevator slid open and Captain Bones and his silver haired companion stepped onto the bridge.

"I sseee you bought him with you.", hissed the the snake-headed woman, looking up from her console.

The blue man sat down in the captains chair and the young Venusian stood at his side. The youth was wearing a silver jacket over a green and black striped sweater, and a pair of black plasteen jeans, tucked into his brown leather boots.

"This is Commander Silver, my first officer.", smiled the Captain.

"Isss he qualified?", hissed Ebony.

The blue man leant back in his chair and undid the top button of his jacket, he reached inside his pocket and took out a small, flat, silver box. He opened the case and put a long, purple, Venusian cigarette between his lips. Silver lit the tapered end with a small, golden cigarette lighter and smiled, the silver rings on his fingers sparkled under the white neon lights of the bridge. Captain Bones inhaled deeply from the purple tube and breathed out a plume of sweet smelling, violet smoke. "He's qualified.", the blue man sighed.

Gracomalli, the fish-like mermaid, swam about in her aquarium, her emerald green scales glistened as she splashed her tail in the pink water, "Ive been analysing the local star-maps.", she gurgled,

"The Association control most of the planets in this sector. "

Captain Bones span round in his chair to face his navigator, "Where do you suggest we go?", he asked.

Graccomali gurgled, "I recommend that we head as far away from this quadrant as we can, the Zaxxian galaxy would be a sensible destination. Most of the planets in that sector are rich in mining deposits and It is a popular trading route for the Uragi and Ptach merchants."

The blue man turned his chair towards the main viewscreen at the front of the bridge. "Captain to all hands, man your stations and prepare for take-off.", he ordered. "Captain to engineering, what is your status?"

The pig-faced Hogian flicked a switch on the engineering consule with a hoof-like hand, "Hyper-drive engines are on-line and operating at maximum efficiency.", replied the gruff voice of Chief Engineer Morgan.

Silver sat down at the command consule and pressed a few buttons, "Co-ordinates for the Zaxxian galaxy are programmed and our course is set, life-support systems are stable and the trans-communicator is active and working at eighty two percent efficiency."

"Captain to armoury. Gunner, how are we doing for weapons?"

"Sonic cannon is stable, trimorphic torpedoes are loaded, gravitron beam is fully charged and we have enough cluster-mines to blow up a small battle fleet. Lazers are functioning at one hundred percent accuracy and vap-guns are fully charged."

Cheng Lo sat down at his desk and clenched his left fist. He picked up a small plasteen syringe and injected the orange liquid into his arm. Lo dropped the empty syringe onto the floor, leant back in his chair and closed his eyes.

"Captain to sick-bay.", the blue man inhaled on his Venusian cigarette, there was no reply. "Captain to sick-bay, are you there?"

A faint, giggling sound came from the inter-communications speaker, followed by some whispering and a loud coughing sound. "Yes, Captain, I'm here.", replied a hearty, plum voice.

"What are you doing down there, Doctor?"

Bel-Ami sighed, "Just giving Leftenant Reed her medical."

"Tell her to report to the bridge.", ordered the blue man in the captains chair.

"Sorry Captain.", came the soft voice of Mari Reed over the intercom, "His hands were all over the place."

"I don't want to hear your excuses.", sighed the captain.

"Yes Sir, sorry Sir, on my way Sir.", giggled Reed, sarcastically,

The blue man shook his head and Ebony hissed.

The main viewer buzzed and crackled into life and the rosy pink face of Callico Jack appeared on the large screen at the front of the bridge. "What is it, Jack?", asked Captain Bones.

Callico jack took a gulp from a bottle of Minovan wine and wiped the froth from his mouth with the sleeve of his multi-coloured jacket, "We've got enough supplies on board for a three month voyage, cargo bays one and two are both full."

"How are we off for food?", asked the blue-skinned man.

The one-eyed quatermaster smiled, "Fine, as long as you like it fresh."

"Can't you freeze it?", asked Commander Silver, looking up from his console.

"Minovans only eat live animals, Sir.", sighed Callico Jack.

"Why don't you just kill some of them.", Captain Bones scratched his bearded chin.

"Have you ever tried wrestling with a Tarkarian eel-worm?", replied the rosy cheeked quatermaster.

Teach stood behind the captain, clenching his giant fists, "I'll be down in a few minutes, I'm hungry."

The blue-skinned man pressed a button on the captains chair and the viewscreen went blank. "Captain to pilot, unlock the docking clamps and prepare for take off.", he ordered.

"Aye, aye, Sir.", replied the sharp, metallic voice of Exquimilian.

"Captain to Morgan, start your engines. "

"Yes, Cap'n.", grunted the chief engineer.

The Captain turned his chair to face the small, red, furry boy, sitting at the communications console, "Do we have clearence?", he asked.

The Felitan nodded, "We are clear for take-off.", purred Ben Gunn.

"Pilot, activate forward-thrusters, and get us out of here."

"Aye, aye, Captain Bones.", acknowledged the cyborg.

There was a loud, thundering roar, followed by a high-pitched whistling sound.

(Wagners-) Ride of The Valkries, began to play, at full volume, throughout the ship. The small, red, furry communications officer purred contendedly to himself. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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