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William Bonnay sat down in the captains chair, he wore a black cotton jacket with gold buttons over a red and black striped jumper. His black rubber-skin jeans were tucked into his boots and a pair of round, rose-tinted spectacles perched on the end of his nose, he also wore a large gold ear-ring in his right ear. His long brown hair hung loosely over his shoulders and his pale blue skin seemed almost luminous under the neon lights of the bridge. He was a young man, in his mid-thirties, the first child to be born on the Moon, and the last. Armstrong City was abandoned shortly after the birth of the mutant. "Captain Bones to engineering, status please."

"Engines operating at maximum efficiency, Captain.", replied Morgan.

"Captain to pilot."

"Yes, Sir?", replied the sharp, metallic voice of Exquimilian. Several wires were attached to a chrome skull-cap on the cyborgs bald, scarred head and a visor covered his eyes. His torso was grafted to the cock-pit and his robotic arms danced across the console, pressing buttons and pulling switches.

"Prepare for take-off.", ordered Captain Bones.

"Yes Sir.", replied Exquimilian.

"Captain to engineering, pump up the thermo-reaction chamber.

"Aye, aye Cap'n.", replied the chief engineer.

"Pilot, unlock the docking clamps and get us out of here, Mister.", ordered the blue-skinned man in the captains chair.

"Yes Sir.", acknowledged the cyborg.

"Engage impulse engines, steady as she goes."

There was a low rumble, like distant thunder, as the Quadagh Mercenary left orbit. "Nice paint job, by the way, who's idea was that?", asked the captain. The Quadagh Mercenary had been re-painted in yellow and black stripes, a skull and cross-bones motiff emblazened across her hull.

"That was mine.", gurgled Graccomali.

Captain Bones span round in his chair and gazed at the beautiful woman, floating in a giant fish-tank, in the far right hand corner of the bridge. Gracomali swam around in the luminous pink water, her emerald green scales glistened under the bright cabin lights and her round black eyes stared, unblinkingly, in the direction of the captain.

"Are you comfortable in there?", asked the blue man.

Graccomali gurgled..."It isn't quite as spacious as the oceans of Atlantis, but it will suffice."

"Well, as chief navigator, where do you think should be our next port of call?"

Graccomali pointed a webbed finger to a small group of stars on the viewscreen, "The Andromeda cluster", She gurgled. "The planet Minova is renouned in the seventh quadrant for its hospitality towards the cut-throats, villains and pirates of the universe. The planet is famous for its drinking establishments and gambling casinos', not to mention its brothels, although I have heard that their eating habits leave something to be desired, apparently, the Minovans only eat live animals."

"Sounds like a good place to find a crew." William Bones turned his chair to face the viewscreen, "Captain to pilot."

"Exquimilian here, Sir."

"Set course to Minova, light-speed."

The metal doors of the bridge slid open and a tall snake-headed woman stepped out of the elevator, carrying a large ball of red fur under her left arm. Ebony dropped the ball of fur at the Captains feet, "I found this under my bed.", she hissed.

Slowly, the fur-ball uncoiled and a small, red, Felitian boy stood up.

"And what have we here?", asked the captain, "A stow-away?"

"Pppleaase Ssir..", stuttered the timid creature, "Dddonn't kkilll mmeee ppleeaassse.", the boy knelt down in front of the captains chair. "Mmy iss Bbrrhnngrggrrn", the Felitian purred softly.

Captain Bones scratched his bearded chin, "Well, Brrgg...", the captain stuttered, "Well, boy..", he paused, "By rights I should put you into the nearest air-lock and shoot you out into space."

The child looked frightened and tears welled up in his green cats-eyes. "Stop snivelling.", the captain sighed, "You might actually be of some use to me."

The boy smiled.

"Is it true what they say about a Felitians hearing?"

The red, furry, cat-like child nodded.

"In that case, Mister Bbbrghh...", the captain stuttered again, "In that case, Mister Ben Gunn, I could use a communications officer."

"He's a bit young to be joining a pirate crew, isn't he?", hissed Ebony, prodding the boy in the back with her left fore-finger.

"I am twenty turns of the purple Moon.", smiled the boy.

"How old is that in Earth years?", asked the captain.

"What is an Earth year?", replied Ben Gunn.

Captain Bones patted the boys head. "What is a pirate ship without a cabin-boy?", he tickled the soft pelt of red fur behind the Felitians left ear, Ben Gunn purred contendedly.

The snake-headed Medusan smiled at the boy, "Vvvery well, captain.", she hissed, "And if my darling husband forgetsss to pack enough food rationss for our journey, we could always eat the little, furry creature for breakfassst.", Ebony licked her lips with a long yellow forked tongue, Ben Gunn shook with fear and curled himself back into a ball of soft red fur.

The Quadagh Mercenary landed on the planet Minova, one week later. The city of Balsye is only a short, two hour shuttle flight from the space-port. Over the centuries, it has become more of a shanty town than a city, home to alien-refugees, vagrants and pirates, and a hunting ground for bounty hunters.

Callico Jack went in search of food supplies and barrels of the local liquor, Minovan wine is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac with strong hallucinagenic properties. Morgan, Graccomali and Ben Gunn decided to stay on board the ship with Exquimilian.

Captain Bones, Gunner Lo and Ebony followed the tall, muscular, bull-headed man down a narrow alley, red and green neon signs hung from the walls of the various buildings, flashing on and off, under the smokey, orange glare of the Minovan sky and the sweet scent of burning insects wafted through the warm night air.

The giant stopped outside a large grey building, he pointed a finger to a green neon sign above the door, "This is it.", he grunted, "Kamansee Meefuk - which translated into human means,'The Palace of Perpetual Pleasure'."

Captain Bones gazed up at the stoney face of his guide. "Thank you for your help."

The giant lay his heavy right hand on the blue mans shoulder, "What about my payment."

"Let him go.", ordered Ebony, prodding the giant Minovan in the back with her vap-gun.

The bull-headed man released his grip.

William Bones stared at the Minovans cloven hooves, "How would you like to come with us?", he asked, "I need a bodyguard."

The giant tugged at his bushy black beard and blinked his big black eyes, "My name is Teach.", he grunted. He was wearing heavy metal body armour and the large gold ring through his snout glistened under the orange glare of the Minovan Moon. "Come.", he laughed, opening the door of the club, "Let us make a Hell of our own, and see how long we can bear it."

The Palace of Perpetual Pleasure is a busy place, it is situated in one of the less-friendly parts of the city and is frequently visited by tourists, pirates, traders and cut-throats. Various alien species sat at metal tables indulging in the delights of forbidden pleasures and four Octoplads were performing an intrigueing mating ritual in an aquarium in the centre of the room, their pink tentacles splashing about in the clear water. The club was illuminated in green neon light, flashing on and off with the beat of the music, Billy Bones put his fingers in his ears, "What the fuck do they call this?", he shouted over the metal noise blasting through the enormous speakers in every cornerthe octaganol shaped room.

Teach shrugged his heavy shoulders, "Classical Pop.", he sighed.

Captain Bones, Gunner Lo and Teach sat down at a table near the bar. "I'll get the drinkss then, sshall I?", hissed Ebony.

"I'll have a Tarkalian brandy.", replied Lo.

The snake-headed Medusan put her hands on her hips, "I was being sssarcastic.", she hissed.

Ebony returned half an hour later, carrying a tray of plasteen beakers, filled with various coloured fluids, and a bottle of Minovan wine. She was accompanied by a bald pale-skinned, humanoid female wearing a black latex thong and nothing else, gold glitter glistened on the young womans small naked breasts.

Ebony turned towards her new companion, "This is Mari Reed. She works here.", explained the snake-headed Medusan.

The bald woman smiled a toothless smile, "We met at the bar.", she giggled.

Ebony put the tray of drinks on the table and sat down. "Reed is a clone, an experiment in genetic engineering."

"Do we need a go-go dancer on board?", asked Captain Bones, sipping his Quaralian beer.

"We need a sscience officer.", hissed Ebony.

"And is she up to the job?", asked the blue man.

The snake headed woman kissed the clone on the cheek.

Mari Reed stood up, "Space exploration is the reason for my existance. I am a scientist by nature and a stripper by neccessity.

My ship was destroyed by an Association vessel, I managed to reach a life-pod and escape. I was rescued by a Minovan freighter and ended up here, I'm just trying to earn my passage home."

"And where is home?", asked Captain Bones.

"The planet Higas.", replied the clone.

"Do you have any sisters?", grunted Teach.

"Actually I have five hundred sisters, all identical in every way."

"It's cold in space, maybe you had better go and find some more clothes.", suggested Captain Bones.

Ebony stared at the fat grey-skinned man sitting next to Teach, he was slumped across the table with his head in his hands and snoring loudly, "Who is that?", she asked.

Teach nudged the fat man in the ribs and he sat up. The tubby grey alien stretched out his four arms and yawned, "Wassup?"

Captain Bones smiled, "This is Bel Ami, our new doctor."

"Pleased to meet you.", the fat man sighed, he carefully straightened his pink toupee and shook the Medusans hand.

Ebony looked puzzled, "I thought Mormosans never left their home-world. "

Doctor Ami rubbed his three blue eyes and yawned again, "I was banished from Mormos for the crime of un-natural behavour."

"What did you do?", asked Ebony.

"As you know, on Mormos we are born into wed-lock.", explained Bel Ami, "When a male child is born, he is immediately betrothed to the first female child who is born after him, we are expected to spend our entire lives together. ", Doctor Ami sipped his Vermin root beer. "Our priests tell us that marriages are made in Heaven, obviously they never knew my wife. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I fell victim to temptation and had an extramarital affair, my sins were revealed and I was banished into exile. I scorn any man who will submit to be governed by laws which rich men make for their own security and who pin their faith on a pimp of a parson, a squab, who neither practices nor bees the lies he puts upon the chuckle-headed fools he preaches to."

"Was she pretty?", asked Reed.

"Who, the wife?", laughed the fat man in the pink wig, "She's an ugly, skinny woman with the face of an Acturian beatle-worm and the tempermant of a Gatarin vot."

Reed giggled, "No, I meant your mistress."

"I didn't have a mistress.", sighed the doctor, "I had an affair with her brother."

Ebony shrugged her shoulders, "On my home-world, the children are hermaphrodites, born with both male and female genetalia. When we reach the age of puberty, we decide which sex to adopt."

"Beep, beep, beep.", went the alarm on Captain Bones' wrist-communicator.

"What's the problem?", asked the blue-skinned man.

The image of Exquimilian appeared on the face of the watch, "This is your early morning alarm call, Mister Rackman has returned with his supplies and the rest of the crew is growing restless."

"We'll be back at the ship in five hours.", acknowledged the captain. William Bones pressed a small button on his wrist-communicator and the screen went blank, he stood up, "Our presence is requested back at the ship."

A young handsome man with short, spiky, silver hair, approached the captains table. "Excuse me.", he whispered in a soft voice.

Captain Bones gazed into the dark eyes of the beautiful stranger, "What can I do for you?", he asked, sitting back down in his chair.

"I've been watching you for some time now.", smiled the bare-chested youth in the tight red shorts. He was a handsome man in his early twenties, similar in appearance to a human, but with very small ears and no ear-lobes.

Gunner Lo grinned at the silver haired youth, "I know, I've been watching you, what do you want?"

The new arrival sat down in an empty chair, "Are you a Human?", he asked, staring into Lo's slanted eyes.

"Yes I am."

"Then why is your skin yellow and your eyes so narrow?", asked the handsome young stranger.

Cheng Lo laughed, "I am Chinese, an Oriental. There are many different coloured humans, some are brown, some are pink, some are yellow and this one,,,", he paused and glanced at his Captain, " blue."

The silver-haired youth looked at Captain Bones and laughed, "Sorry, I thought you were a Galatian."

"It's an easy mistake to make.", sighed the blue-skinned man. "Actually I was the first child to be born on Earths moon."

"And the last.", added Lo.

The young silver-haired man frowned, "I suppose you are straight, then?", he asked.

Captain Bones grinned, "Give me a kiss, and I'll tell you."

The stranger smiled.

"And what species are you?", asked Gunner Lo.

"I'm a Venusian.", replied the youth.

"I heard what happened to your planet.", Lo took a sip of Minovan wine, " I'm surprised anyone survived."

"It was a long time ago.", replied the silver haired Venusian, "At least our people were prepared. Most of our ancestors left Venus on the colony ships, before the Apocolypse. The remaining scientists and volunteers took refuge underground, in the hope of rebuilding our planet."

"Prepared for what?", asked the four armed Mormosan, sitting at the table.

"The atsmosphere of Venus was destroyed over a thousand years ago. The environment suffered irepairable damage, caused by the waste from our chemical-reaction plants. Our fore-fathers built

underground cities below the planets surface, and although we had the technology to cultivate food and oxygen, we had no way to repair the harm caused by the chemical waste." The young Venusian poured himself a glass of Minovosan wine, "At least we were aware of the impending disaster and luckily we already had the technology for space travel. My Great-Grandfather used to tell me stories about The Great Exodus to a new home-world."

"And where is this new home-world?", asked Lo.

The boy shrugged his shoulders, "We don't know, our people lost contact with the colony ships, ten years after they left Venus."

"Did you like what you saw?", asked Captain Bones.

"Pardon?", replied the Venusian.

"When you were watching us.", explained the blue-skinned man.

The Venusian youth smiled at the Captain, "You are very handsome."

"I'm no oil-painting, but thank you for the compliment ."

"I hear that you are looking for a crew?", continued the silver haired Venusian.

"Do you have any qualifications?", asked the captain.

The young man stood up, "Let's go somewhere a little more private and you can test me."

The blue man pressed a button on his wrist-communicator and the face of the ships cyborg pilot appeared on the screen.

"Yes Captain?", asked the sharp, metallic voice of Exquimilian.

"I will be delayed for a short while, tell Morgan to have the engines on stand-by."

The pilot sighed, "Yes Sir, how long do you think you will be?"

Captain Bones glanced toward the silver haired youth, "Twelve hours or so, maybe a day.", he pressed a button on his wrist-watch and the screen went blank. The blue man stood up, "The rest of you had better make your way back to the ship. ", he looked towards his crew-mates, "Take the shuttle."

Ebony licked her lips with a long forked tongue, "And what about you?", she hissed.

"I'll make my own way." replied the blue-skinned man.

The young Venusian took hold of the Captains hand, "We'll catch the zoom-tube."

Teach stood up, "I'd better come with you, Captain.", he suggested.

Billy Bones shrugged his shoulders, "Stay with the others, I think I'll be safe enough tonight without a body-guard."

"As you wish.", replied the bull-headed Minovan.

The blue man followed the silver-haired youth up a flight of metal stairs, "Where are we going?", he asked.

The Venusian smiled, "I have a room upstairs."

"That's convenient.", sighed Captain Bones.

The youth shrugged his shoulders, "It came with the job, I work here."

"I hope they pay you well for your services.", smiled the blue-skinned man.

"Not a great deal.", replied the young handsome Venusian, unlocking the door of his quarters, "But the rent is cheap."

"Do you enjoy the job?", asked Captain Bones.

The youth laughed, "It depends upon the client, some aliens have very peculiar sexual organs."

"I can imagine.", laughed the blue-skinned man. Billy Bones sat down on the bed and unbuttoned his jacket, "So, how much do you charge for a blow-job?"

The young Venusian stood in front of the blue man clutching his groin with his right hand, beads of swet glistened on his smooth naked chest. He wore several necklaces, silver rings on every finger and a silver ear-ring pierced his right nipple. The youth smiled, "I'm off-duty."

Billy Bones took off his gold-buttoned black cotton jacket and unbuckled his belt. He put his hands around the boys waist and pulled the young Venusians red silk shorts down to his ankles,

"I see why they call Venus, The Planet Of Love". He clenched the boys tight firm buttocks and licked the tip of his long, thick, pink penis, "Are all Venusians this well-endowed?", he asked, looking up at the young mans handsome smiling face.

"It makes up for the small ears.", laughed the silver-haired youth.

The blue-skinned man stood up and took off his black and red striped woolen sweater. The young Venusian pulled the blue mans black rubberskin jeans down to his ankles, he put his arms around the captains waist and they embraced.

"You are beautiful.", whispered Billy Bones. Their lips met and they kissed, their tongues entwining like two Argalian serpents in the spawning time. "Lie down on the bed.", suggested the blue-skinned man, the youth lay face down on the pillow and lifted up his buttocks. Billy Bones knelt behind his new friend, he put his left arm around the boys waist and guided his stiff blue cock, slowly up the young Venusians tight warm arsehole with his right hand, the silver haired youth gripped the pillow and sighed. The naked blue-skinned man rocked back and forth, pushing his penis deep into the boys anus, "I'm going to come.", he whispered.

"Don't stop.", sighed the boy.

The zoom-tube was packed with various alien species, it was a cylindrical glass vehicle and travelled high above the city on a mono-rail. The Venusian youth sat next to the blue skinned man, resting his head on the Captains shoulder, Billy Bones kissed his companion on the forehead. "We've arrived.", he whispered, as the zoom-tube approached the space-port.

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