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Felitia is a small, purple planet on the outer edge of The Milky Way, just a few million light years north of Pluto. It is the home-world of The Felitians - a small, furry, cat-like species who specialise in the development and supply of highly sophisticated, technically-advanced weaponry. Their main customers are The Vontari and The Association. Over the centuries, it has become a safe haven and market-place for both the villains and the rulers of the universe. It is a well-known fact that the Felitians have weaponry that is far in advance of that which they sell to their customers and any act of warfare or violence on the planet would be met with deadly force.

It was two months later, and The Quadagh Mercenary had undergone extensive repairs. Morgan had made several improvements to the ships engines, the damaged thermo-reaction chamber had been replaced and the plate-shielding reinforced with titanium alloy. Gunner Lo had made several upgrades to the ships weaponry, such as the introduction of a sonic-cannon and a Felitian X211 laser, he had also purchased several hand-weapons, including stun-spears and zap-machine guns.

William Bonnay had adopted the name of "Captain Bones", on account of his thin physique. He spent most of his time in various drinking establishments, in and around the capital city, Kitania, in search of supplies and a crew. So far, he had not had much success, apart from recruiting a navigations officer in one of the nearby harbour towns. It was the third night of 'Purraggh" - A Felitian festival to mark the end of the financial year. The Felitians celebrated with a dazzling display of fire-works, above the capital city, neon red, yellow, orange, blue and green lazers flashed across the purple sky, illuminating the horizon in an explosion of dazzling rainbows. The Felitians danced he crowded streets for three days and nights, handing bags of coins and bowls of food to beggers, and sweets and toys to children.

Callico Jack Rackman sat at his usual table, in the darkest corner of "The Olde Mogg", drinking a mug of Karak Juice, his seventh this evening. He wore a multi-coloured loosely-fitting velvet suit of purple, green and gold, and a black eye-patch over his left eye.

"Karak Juice!", shouted the one eyed trader. His scarred face glowed red, like a sun-burnt lobster, Jack patted his fat-belly and raised his right hand, "Karak Juice!", he shouted. It was several minutes before he became aware of the stranger sitting beside him, "What do you want?", he asked in a slurred whisper.

The stranger held out a bony blue hand, "Captain Bones of The Quadagh Mercenary."

"That's Captain Lo's ship, isn't it?",

"Is that what he told you?"

"I've already had dealings with your captain."

"He's not my captain, he is my gunner, I believe he purchased a sonic cannon from you.", Bones replied.

Callico Jack nodded, "I am still waiting for my payment."

"That is why I am here."

"I'm listening.", the rosy-cheeked human leant closer to the strange blue-skinned man, sitting at his side.

"How would you like to join my crew?", asked Captain Bones,

"Your reputation as a trader is well known in this quadrant and I need a quarter-master."

The one-eyed human raised his eyebrows, "I've heard of you too, you're the 'Man in the Moon', I read about you when I was back on Earth.". Callico Jack stoked his bushy grey moustache, "What are you offering for my services?", he asked.

"An equal share in all profits and as much Karak Juice as you can drink.", suggested the blue-skinned man.

"Can I bring the wife?"

"The Quadagh Mercenary is a pirate ship Mister Rackman, not a cruise-liner.", replied Captain Bones.

The one-eyed trader lifted up his eye-patch. "She has a wicked tongue."

"What happened?", asked the blue-skinned man.

"Ebony is a Medusan, a snake-woman. She spat in my eye on the day we met, it wasn't, what you might call, 'Love at first sight.', at least, not on her part. Her venom is quite toxic, it burnt out my eye in seconds."

Captain Bones scratched his bearded chin and smiled, "To be honest with you Mr Rackman, I need all the crew-men I can find." 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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