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The bridge of The Quadagh Mercenary was engulfed in a cloud of thick black smoke, scarlet red and luminous orange flames danced and glistened against the gleaming metallic walls of the ship. Smouldering bodies lay slumped over their consoles and the smell of burning flesh hung in the air, like the welcoming scent of roast pork in your mothers' kitchen on a sunday afternoon.

Captain Reilly gasped for breath, he coughed and vomited, his lungs burning, "Engage air purification protocols.", he ordered.

"Air ducts activated.", replied the gruff voice of Chief Engineer Morgan over the intercommunications speaker.

Walter Reilly stood up and rubbed his stinging eyes with the palms of his hands. A few seconds later, the smoke began to clear, sucked down through the vents in the floor of the bridge. "Why the hell haven't the sprinklers activated? Captain to engineering, I need a fire-control droid on the bridge, immediately.", Captain Reilly turned his head towards the burning body of Ensign Torkas, "And send up an emergency medical team, we've got wounded up here."

"Bad news Captain.", replied a sharp metallic voice.

"What?", shouted Captain Reilly.

"The sick-bay was hit by that last blast, there were no survivors. All the fire control droids are down there now..", explained Exquimilian, the Quadagh Mercenary's cyborg pilot..

"Forget about the sick-bay, I need them on the bridge.", commanded the Captain. Walter Reilly sat down and unzipped his jacket, he pressed a green button on the left arm of the captains chair, "This is the Captain speaking. If any of you can still walk, then report to the bridge, this battle isn't over yet.", he looked around him at the smouldering bodies of his bridge crew, "Any of you people still alive?", he asked, there was no reply. Captain Reilly coughed up a ball of yellow phlegm and spat it onto the metallic floor.

There was a loud clanking sound, like an iron hammer against a sheet of cold steel. A pair of bony blue hands pulled open the sliding doors of the elevator and Commander Bonnay clambered onto the bridge, his green uniform was scorched and torn and splattered in yellow blood. "Sir, Doctor White is dead.", the blue man announced.

"So I heard.", replied Captain Reilly, "Are any of the medic-droids still functioning?"

The blue-skinned man shook his head, "M.D.'s Three, Four and Five were all destroyed in that last attack. Medic droids One and Two are both damaged, but Morgan should be able to repair them.

We've lost a lot of good people Sir, I don't think the ship can take much more, we've suffered heavy damage on all decks."

"I'll cry about it tomorrow, Commander.", sighed the Captain.

A red fire-control droid followed the blue man onto the bridge, It was a small machine, about two metres in height, rolling around the room on tank tracks. A plume of green smoke sprayed from a swirling hose on the top of the robot and the fires were soon extinguished. William Bonnay pulled the smouldering corpse of Leftenant Creolla away from her blackened workstation, he pressed a yellow button on the communications console and the image of a Vontari war-ship appeared on the view-screen.

The Vontari are a particularly violent race, the Vontari females are well known to eat their first-born male offspring. They consider men to be the weaker sex and as such, a daughter receives a higher status in their society. It is the Vontari women who are the warriors and the men who are their servants.

The Association is a group of ruling planets who control our sector of the cosmos, they include Acturus Prime, Venus, Torka, Mormosa, Earth and its colonies, and the Tyran Republic, to name but a few. The Association considers itself as 'The universal peace-keeping force and protector of the galaxy' and has been at war with the Vontari for fifty seven years, the Vontari refused to join the Association on the grounds that the president of the Universal-Council was a male. President Roddenberry, of the planet Earth, declined the offer of a sex-change operation, resulting in Queen Bodika declaring her world as "An 'Independent' planet" . Vontari was attacked by The Association, one week later.

The Vontari war-ship was closing in for the kill, it was a large, bottle-shaped silver vessel, at least ten times the size of The Quadagh Mercenary. Captain Reilly leant back in his chair, "Captain to engineering, what is your status?"

"Hyper-drive engines are damaged, Cap'n.", replied a gruff voice over the intercommunications speaker.

"Do we have any power left?", asked the grey-haired man.

"The electro-conducer is off-line and the thermo-reaction chamber is leaking, repairs are going to take at least twelve hours."

"I don't think we've got twelve minutes, let alone twelve hours, Mister.", replied the Captain.

"I'm doing my best, Sir.", Chief Engineer Morgan insisted.

"What is our shield status?"

"Plate-shielding is damaged, Sir, operating at fifty seven percent efficiency."

"Captain to armoury, how are you doing down there?",

"Lo here, Captain.", came the reply. "We just fired our last trimorphic torpedo and the forward lazer cannons are out of action, the gravitron-beam is inactive and we are out of cluster-mines."

Captain Reilly gazed at the viewscreen. The Vontari war-ship was getting closer, too close for the Captains comfort. "Transfer all available power to the plate-shielding.", he ordered.

Commander Bonnay looked up from the blackened communications console. "Captain, I have a suggestion."

"What is it?", asked the grey-haired man in the captains chair.

There was a loud clanking sound, like someone falling down a flight of metal stairs, in a suit of armour. The metal plating of the shield engulfed the ship like a coccoon, or an iron gauntlet.

Commander Bonnay walked over to the command consule and sat down. "If we transfer the power from the plate-shielding and life-support to the thermo-reaction chamber, we should be able to reach light-speed for at least fifteen seconds. "

Captain Reilly raised his eyebrows, "This is the Captain, all hands brace for impact...", he commanded.

Commander Bonnay turned towards the Captain, "I don't think this is a good idea, Sir."

"Captain to pilot...Exquimilian, prepare for ramming speed, that is an order, aim for the whores' belly."

William Bonnay flicked a switch on the command console, "Belay that order, pilot.", he commanded.

Walter Reilly rose to his feet. "I am the Captain of this vessel, Sir, you are out of line. Captain Reilly to pilot, I said 'ramming speed', Now!'"

The blue man drew his vap-gun and aimed it in the direction of the Captain, "Sit down, Sir, and shut the fuck up."

Captain Reilly sat down.

"Attention, all hands, this is Commander Bonnay. Prepare for light-speed."

"This is mutiny, Mister.", shouted the Captain, rising to his feet.

William Bonnay aimed his vap-gun between Captain Reillys' eyes, "I said, 'Sit down', Sir."

The grey-haired man sat down.

"Bonnay to engineering, transfer all available power to the thermo-reaction chamber."

"Aye Sir.", replied the gruff voice of the chief engineer.

"Bonnay to pilot... as soon as you have sufficient power, engage light-speed drive."

"Yes, Sir.", replied the sharp, mettallic voice of Exquimillian.

Captain Reilly tried to stand up and Bonnay pushed him back into his seat with the barrel of his vap-gun. "If you stand up, once more, I'll vaporise you.", he warned.

"Pilot!", yelled the Captain, "Ram that fucking ship...Now!"

"Sorry Sir.", replied the sharp, metallic voice of Exquimilian, "I am a war-veteran, not a Kamikaze pilot."

"You are a coward.", argued Captain Reilly.

"I'd rather run away and live to fight another day, than commit suicide, Sir...", replied the cyborg, "Engaging light speed drive."

The Quadagh Mercenary was surrounded by a bright, white light and a dazzling display of kaleidoscopic, swirling rainbows danced across the viewscreen, spiralling in circles. After several minutes, the patterns flickered and faded to reveal an ocean of cold, black space, silver stars glimmering in the emptiness.

"Security to the bridge.", ordered William Bonnay, "I have relieved Captain Reilly of his duties and I am taking command of this vessel, any crewmen who wish to stay with the Captain should report to shuttle bay two."

Captain Reilly laughed, "You won't get away with this, Billy."

The blue-skinned man folded his arms across his chest, "We'll see, Walt, we'll see."

"The Association will not rest until every single one of you is caught and executed."

Commander Bonnay shrugged his shoulders, "If you were still in command, we would all be dead already. Now, if you don't mind standing up, you are sitting in my chair."

Captain Reilly stood up and stepped to one side. William Bonnay sat down in the Captains chair.

"It's very comfortable.", he smiled, "Captain to pilot."

"What are your orders, Sir?", asked the sharp, metallic voice of Exquimilian.

"Set course to Felitia, Morgan has a lot of repairs to make."

"Yes, Captain.", replied the pilot.

Captain Reilly and his three loyal crew-members were given a short-range shuttle and enough food and fuel for a five day voyage, the course of the vessel was preset to the nearest planet with a breathable atsmosphere, Epsilon. "A distress beacon will be activated automaticallly when the shuttle lands.", explained the blue-skinned man, "The Association should pick you up within a week or two, if you survive that long."

"You should kill us now.". suggested Captain Reilly, "While you still have the chance."

"Don't tempt me.", sighed Bonnay, drawing his vap-gun from its holster, he handed the gun to Captain Reilly, "You might need this, I hear that Epsilon is a rather inhospitable world.". Captain Reilly took the vap-gun and held it in his left hand, he pointed it at the blue man. "Don't even think about it.", sighed the Commander,

"I discharged the power-cell, you can re-charge the batteries from the shuttles engines."

"I know how to charge a vap-gun, Mister Bonnay."

"Just watch out for the psi-spiders.", suggested the blue-skinned man, "I hear that they can suck out a mans brain in two minutes."

"This isn't the end, Billy. I'll be back.", warned the grey-haired man in the green uniform.

The shuttle doors raised with a loud, "Ka-chunk".

"I will see you hang for this, Mister Bonnay. That's a promise."

"Enjoy your holiday, Walter.", William Bonnay saluted his ex-commanding officer. "And don't try touching the controls before you land, any attempt to do so will cause the ship to self-destruct."

Captain Reilly and his three crew-men boarded the shuttle and the doors lowered behind them with a slow, swishing sound.

Exquimilian, the cyborg pilot of The Quadagh Mercenary, had no choice but to stay with the ship, he was a veteran of the Omega-War and had been critically injured after his ship hit a plasma-mine. He lost both his arms and legs in the blast and was awarded the Saturn-Medal for Bravery, his body was grafted into the cock-pit of the ship with cybernetic implants.

Morgan, a small, stout, pig-faced Hogian, also decided to stay with the vessel, he had been chief engineer of The Quadagh Mercenary before the ship had even been built and was responsible for the design of her engines. He regarded The Quadagh as his 'Baby'".

Cheng Lo was a young slim oriental gentleman and had known William Bonnay for ten years, they had studied together at The Universe-City University on Uranus and joined the Associated Space Corps in the same year, although they had been rivals rather than close friends. Gunner Lo was considered to be one of the best-shots in the University and had won the Association Marksman Championships two years in a row, before being beaten in the final year by Bonnay. They had served together on The Quadagh Mercenary for five years, under the command of Captain Reilly.

The Quadagh Mercenary is an Association Cobra-class war-ship. The bow at the front of the vessel has five levels and is shaped like a dome, it houses the forward gun-turret on the top deck, the armoury on the second deck and the bridge is on the third, the pilots cock-pit is on the fourth deck of the ship and the engine room is on deck five. The body of the ship is shaped like an arrow pointing away from the bow, with two thrusters on either side of the stern, forming the letter "M". The midship of The Quadagh Mercenary has three levels, housing the crew quarters, sick-bay and galley. The shuttle-bay is at the stern of the vessel, below that is the cargo-hold and on the lowest leve the brig.

"Captain Bonnay to Pilot, how long until we reach Felitia?"

"Two days on impulse power.", replied a sharp metallic voice, over the intercommunications speaker.

"I'll be in the captains cabin if you need me."

"Yes Sir.", replied the cyborg.

The door of the captains cabin slid open with a swishing sound. Gunner Lo followed the blue-skinned man into the room, "So this is where the Boss used to sleep, it's a bit more spacious than the crew quarters.", sighed the young slim Oriental.

William Bonnay picked up an oil-painting from the purple-carpetted floor and dusted it down with the sleeve of his jacket.

"Any damage?", asked Lo.

"Not much.", sighed the blue-skinned man, hanging the painting back on the wall. The captains cabin was richly decorated in olive green and scarlet red, a single bed with gold satin bed-sheets was positioned in the centre of the room and an ornately-carved wooden desk lay on its side beside the bed. William Bonnay picked up the desk and put it back in its place. Gold-framed portraits of famous naval and starship captains hung side by side on the olive green walls, William Bonnay gazed at the portrait of Captain Reilly, "Its not a very good likeness, is it?", he asked, rubbing the back of his neck with his right hand.

Cheng Lo laughed, "I think it's called 'artistic licence'.

The blue-skinned man took down the painting and handed it to the gunner, "Put this in the cargo hold, with the others, we're going to have to sell them to pay for our repairs."

"It's going to cost more than a few paintings, Billy.", replied Lo.

"Strip down the whole ship if you have to, anything that isn't bolted to the floor can go. You can start with the captains desk, that should be worth something.", suggested Bonnay.

Gunner Lo sat down on the bed and loosened his belt.

The blue man scratched his chin, "So, how would you like to be my first officer?"

The young Oriental shook his head, "Thanks for the offer Captain, but quite frankly, I can do without the responsibility. Weapons are my speciality."

"Fair enough.", replied the blue-skinned man, "I would be hard-pushed to find another gunner with your expertise, anyway."

Captain Bonnay sat down beside the Oriental, "That was quite a battle, wasn't it."

Cheng Lo smiled, "I didn't think we'd get out of that one alive."

The blue man stared at the growing bulge beneath his gunners green trousers. "You've got a hard-on."

The Oriental laughed, "So have you."

William Bonnay unzipped his green jacket, "We won't reach Felitia until tomorrow."

Cheng Lo rubbed his groin with his right hand.

"Do you want a wank?", asked the blue-skinned man, throwing his jacket onto the floor. Gunner Lo leant back on the bed and William Bonnay unzipped the fly of the yellow mans trousers.

"I always feel horny after a fight.", laughed Lo. The blue man fumbled insided the Orientals black underpants and pulled out his long slim penis.

"That feels good.", sighed Cheng.

William Bonnay gripped Lo's stiff yellow rod with his right hand and wanked it, up and down. Cheng Lo sat up in the bed and pulled Bonnays green trousers down to his ankles, "I've never sucked a blue cock before.", he laughed. He put his arms around the captains waist, clenching the blue mans buttocks with his fingers. He pulled him closer, nibbling at the bulge beneath William Bonnays white silk briefs, "I've been wanting to do this for years.", he whispered. Cheng Lo gazed up at his captain, "I used to watch you in the showers, at the Academy."

"So did most of the other Cadets, I was the only blue boy there."

The yellow-skinned Oriental licked the tip of the blue-skinned mans circumcised cock and let it slip into his warm, wet mouth, he sucked hard on the blue mans penis. Bonnay ran his fingers through Lo's soft, silky black hair, "I'm going to come.", sighed the blue man, gazing down at his gunner. Cheng Lo gulped and swallowed the 'Moon-boy's spunk, creamy white semen dripped from the corners of the yellow mans mouth. The blue-skinned man smiled, "I think I'm going to enjoy being a pirate." 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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