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Ensign Kruso lay on the lower bunk of a hard metal bed in the brig of The Quadagh Mercenary and Ensign Ogle sat on the top bunk, biting his finger-nails. "What do you think they will do with us?", asked Ogle.

Kruso put his hands behind his head and gazed up at the springs of the mattress above him, "They'll probably maroon us on some dirt-ball of a planet and leave us to starve."

"I heard that pirates like to torture their victims first.", Ensign Ogle leant over the side of the bed, "They don't call them cut-throats for nothing."

Kruso unzipped the jacket of his green uniform, "They might just put us in the air-lock and shoot us into space. If they do, then remember to take off your helmet as soon as you get outside."

Ogle shivered, "I don't know if I've got the balls."

"It's a quicker death than suffocation.", sighed the young Ensign on the lower bunk.

Ebony and Mari Reed sat at a metal table on the other side of the Prison wall, playing Strip-Chess, a game invented by Callico Jack Rackman. (The rules of Strip-Chess are the same as they are for the usual game, except, when a player loses a piece, other than a pawn, then they also lose an item of clothing). The white playing pieces were carved from hethic bone, (a hethic is a small pink horse-like pony with six legs and is an endangered species.) The black pieces of the Chess set were carved from dankali teeth,

(dankali's are a rare breed of marsupial, similar in appearance to a grey squirrel, but three times the size. It survives on a diet of dankali sugar-cane, which is probably why it has black teeth.) The black and white Chess-board was carved from vinera-wood,

(vinera trees only grew in the snow-forests of Antivia, which used to be an ice world, until mass-deforestation caused a bad case of global warming and the planet melted.)

Ebony picked up a white castle and replaced it with a black queen, "Queen takess castle.", she hissed.

Mari Reed unzipped her jacket and dropped it onto the floor, she picked up the black queen and replaced it with a white bishop, "White bishop fucks the black queen.", she sighed.

A pair of black thigh-high boots and a pile of clothes lay in heap, beside the Medusan. The snake-headed woman lifted her red vest over her shoulders and dropped it onto the pile of clothes.

Ebony picked up the white bishop and replaced it with a black knight, "Black knight takes white bishop, up the arssse.", she hissed.

The bald headed clone leant back in her chair and scratched her chin, "No surprise there, then.", she giggled. Reed unlaced her left boot and kicked it under the table, she picked up the black knight and replaced it with the white queen. "White queen rides the black knight, check-mate!"

"You win again.", hissed the snake-headed woman, she stood up and Reed pulled down Ebonys' skimpy white knickers. "That's the fourth game in a row you have won.", she hissed, "I hope you're not cheating."

"Would you like a re-match?", asked the bald-headed clone.

Ebony picked up the bundle of clothes by her feet.

Walter Reilly sat up in bed, tapping his ears with his fingers, "I can't hear anything.", he shouted.

Callico Jack Rackman sat on a metal chair beside the bed, armed with a zap-blaster. "Would you like an Aculis-fruit?", he asked, taking a bite from a small green plum.

Reilly did not answer.

A purple Aculian blood-beast lay on the bed next to the grey-haired man, Doctor Ami was busy stitching up the wound in the dogs chest. Teach paced up and down the room, tugging at his bushy black beard. "Will he survive?", he asked.

"He'll be biting the hand that feeds him before you know it.", smiled the four-armed medic.

A young Association officer sat on the metal floor of the sick-bay, clutching his left arm with his right hand, "My fucking arm is broken and all you care about is that stupid dog.", moaned Crewman Verne.

"Did you say something?", asked the bull-headed Minovan.

"I need urgent medical treatment.", complained the young man in the green uniform, "I don't see why I should have to wait in line, behind a stupid dumb animal."

Captain Reilly shook his head from side to side, "I'm deaf.", he shouted, "I can't hear a fucking word you are saying."

Teach drew a vap-gun from its holster, aimed it at Crewman Vernes head and pulled the trigger, "Problem solved.", he sighed.

A fountain of scarlet blood pumped from the neck of the headless corpse of Crewman Verne, slumped against the wall.

The doors of the sick-bay opened with a loud squeek. Captain Bones stepped out of the elevator, "How are your patients, Doctor?", he asked.

The four-armed medic pointed to Captain Reilly, "He should regain his hearing in a couple of hours, but I don't think I can save his crew-mate."

"I thought he only had a broken arm.", sighed the blue man.

"Never argue with a Minovan.", suggested Callico Jack. "You might end up losing your head."

Teach sat down beside the blood-beast and stroked his purple fur.

It was three hours before Walter Reilly regained his hearing.

"How do you feel now?", asked Captain Bones, sitting on the corner of the bed.

"I've got a blinding headache.", moaned the grey haired man, massaging his scalp with his fingers. "I suppose you are going to maroon me on some desolate planet again, no doubt."

William Bones shook his head, "Not this time, Sir."

"What are you going to do with me?", asked the blue mans ex-commanding officer.

Captain Bones smiled. "Apparantly the Geeki Imperium are always in the market for slaves."

Doctor Ami tapped the blue man on the shoulder, "I thought the Geeki only bought and sold sex-slaves."

Walter Reilly frowned, "You are joking, aren't you Billy?"

"I'm sure that there are many strange aliens who have never fucked a Human and would welcome the opportunity.", replied the blue-skinned captain.

"You might find it an enlightening experience.", suggested Callico Jack, he picked up a red plasteen bottle and took a swig of Aculis-fruit rum.

Captain Reilly laughed, "And how much do you think they would pay for an old man like me, I'm hardly in my prime."

"That's very true.", agreed the one-eyed quatermaster, sitting beside the bed, "We'd probably have to pay them to take you off our hands."

"I'm fifty two years old, Billy, I'm up for retirement next year. ", sighed the grey-haired man, sitting in the bed, "I'm not exactly at my sexual peak."

The blue-skinned man scratched his bearded chin, "Okay, you've convinced me. I won't hand you over to the slave-traders."

Ex-Captain Reilly breathed a sigh of relief.

Billy Bones stood up and whispered into the doctors ear, the four-armed Mormoson opened his medical cabinet and handed a bottle of pills to his captain. The blue-skinned man walked over to the sink in the corner of the infirmiry and turned on a tap, he filled a yellow plasteen beaker with water and handed it to Reilly.

Walter Reilly looked at the pills in his left hand, "Are these for my head-ache?", he asked. He swallowed the pills and washed them down with a gulp of water.

Captain Bones sat down on the side of the bed and laughed. "Actually, they're not for your head-ache, they are for mine."

Reilly coughed up a ball of bloody phlem and spat it into the beaker, "I don't feel so good.", he complained.

"You are more trouble than you are worth.", sighed Captain Bones.

The grey-haired human vomited onto the metallic floor of the sick-bay, "I can't breath.", he choked. Walter Reilly slumped back in the bed and a trickle of scarlet blood dribbled down his chin, splashing onto Reilly's green uniform.

Captain Bones yawned, "Good-bye Sir.". The blue-skinned man turned to face his body-guard, "Put the bodies in the air-lock with the other corpses.", he ordered.

"Yes, Captain.", acknowledged the bull-headed Minovan giant.

The captain stood up, "I'd better check up on our other guests."

Ebony unlocked the door of the brig, she was nearly naked, apart from a pair of skimpy red knickers and a grey plasteen jacket, worn over her shoulders. Her black skaled breasts glistened with swet under the neon orange lights of the corridoor.

"Are you hot, down here?", asked Captain Bones.

"Never play Strip-Chess with a scientist, Captain.", suggested the snake-headed woman.

"And where is Miss Reed?", asked the blue-skinned man.

"She's having a crap, Ssir.", hissed Ebony.

Ensign Ogle refused to join the pirates, "My father is a politician, Sir.", he explained, "Can you imagine what it would do to his reputation if his son became an outlaw? It would destroy his career."

"What do you suppose we should do with you, then?", asked Captain Bones, "Hang you from the yard-arm and use you for musket practice?"

"You could let me go.", suggested Ogle.

The young Association officer was sold to the Geeki Imperium as a sex-slave, in return for two Trojan fountain-goats and half a dozen barrels of Geeki kola-fizz. Senator Douglas Ogle was very surprised when he saw the holo-vids of his naked son, in all his natural glory, being fucked by a two-faced, warty-skinned Ogarian, on The News of The Universe Holovisual Show.

Kruso decided to stay on board the pirate vessel, as a technician. With the assistance of Chief Engineer Morgan, he managed to re-build a robot from the remains of the security droids.

Christopher Hawkins stood in front of the strange green three-armed robot, standing on the bridge. "What are you going to call it?", he asked.

"How about Tin-Man.", suggested the young French technician.

The young Nubian saluted the robot, "Welcome aboard, Mr Tin-Man."

"Bzzz...Bzzz..Thank you Sir.", replied the metal man in a tinny voice, "I await your orders....bzzz...fzzzt...How may I be of service?"

Commander Silver turned his chair to face the robot, "He's very polite for a security droid."

"I made a few adjustments.", replied the French technician.

Captain Bones turned his chair to face his first officer, "Are you sure that you still want to leave?", he asked.

The silver haired Venusian nodded.

"I suppose that you had better go and pack your bags then, you can take one of the shuttles.", suggested the blue-skinned man in the captains chair.


Ben Gun pressed a button on the communications console, "Captain, I'm receiving a transmission from an Aphroditian transport vessel. It's Mister Bartholemew, he is requesting permission to come aboard."

"permission granted.", smiled Captain Bones.

Commander Silver stood up, "I suppose this is goodbye, then."

Kruso sat down at the command consule, "Don't say 'au revoir', say 'bon voyage'."

Captain Bones stood up, "I'm going to miss you.", the blue-skinned man hugged the young silver-haired Venusian, "Good luck.", he whispered in Silvers ear, "I'll keep a seat warm for you."

The doors of the black Aphroditian shuttle rose with a 'pheep'.

The purple cassocked monk stood in front of Captain Bones and lowered his hood, "It's good to see you again.", smiled Bartholemew.

"My dear Prudence, you do have such perfect timing.", smiled the blue-skinned man.

The young attractive Aphroditian handed a small gold disc to Captain Bones, "You can have this back now."

The blue man looked at the golden disc and handed it to Commander Silver, who was standing at his side.

"You'd better have this, just in case you decide to come back, maybe all you need is a little shore-leave."

"Don't hold your breath.", suggested the young Venusian.

"I have no intention of doing so.", laughed Captain Bones, he put his arms around Bartholemews waist and they embraced, the young Aphroditian opened his succulant mouth and their tongues entwined. Bartholemew raised his arms in the air and Billy Bones lifted the monks purple cassock over his head and dropped it onto the floor. "What do you think?", asked the young naked Aphroditian, he was a slim handsome man with pale skin, his body was firm and trim and his seven inch penis stood to attention like a flag-pole.

"You are gorgeous.", whispered the captain, he knelt down and licked the tip of Bartholemews long thick cock with his tongue, "and you taste pretty good too." The blue-skinned man opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the Aphroditians stiff erect penis, he sucked hard on the boys throbbing cock.

"I'm going to come.", whispered Bartholemew. The young Aphroditian ejaculated a jet of steaming hot jism, shooting from his penis, straight down the captains gulping throat. "Can I fuck you?", he whispered in the blue mans ear.

"So it is true what they say about an Aphroditians sex drive.", laughed Captain Bones, he turned around and stretched out his hands, leaning against a cold metallic wall of the shuttle bay.

Bartholemew stood behind the blue-skinned man and put his hands around the captains waist, unzipping his fly with his right hand. He pulled the blue mans rubberskin jeans and white silk underpants down to his ankles and guided his thick stiff pink cock up the captains tight warm blue arsehole, he rocked back and forth, pumping in time to the gentle rumble of the ships engines.

The doors of the bridge slid open and Captain Bones and Bartholemew stepped onto the bridge, Ebony stood up and the blue man sat down in the captains chair. The young handsome Aphroditian sat down at the command consule, he was wearing a purple and black striped woolen sweater and a pair of grey leather jeans, tucked into his boots.

"Mister Bartholemew is my new first officer.", explained the captain.

"You didn't waste any time.", hissed the snake headed Medusan.

"Commander Silver didn't leave me many options, I need a right-hand man.", explained the blue-skinned man in the captains chair.

Ebony smiled at the Ahroditian, "Welcome aboard.", she hissed.

"Thanks.", replied Commander Bartholemew, zipping up his fly.

"Beep, beep, beep!", a green light flashed on the communications console.

"Captain, I'm picking up a message from the Vontari mothership.", purred the young red furry Felitian boy.

Captain Bones turned his chair to face the view-screen, Chief Engineer Morgan had completed his repairs, "Put it on the viewer.", ordered the blue-skinned man.

The view-screen buzzed and crackled into life and a pot-bellied, ginger haired Human, wearing nothing but a yellow loin-cloth, appeared on the monitor, he wore a metal collar around his neck and was chained to the Vontarin empress.

William Bonnay stood up and bowed his head in respect, "Your Eminence, What can I do for you?", asked the blue-skinned man.

Queen Bodika pulled the heavy iron chain in her hands and Admiral Durake fell to his knees, "I have a gift for you, Captain."

Captain Bones shrugged his shoulders, "He is of no use to me, Magesty, you can keep him."

The ginger-haired admiral clasped his hands and lifted his head, "You've got to help me, Captain Bonnay. The Vontari have agreed to release me into your custody."

Billy Bones scratched his bearded chin, "You were going to execute my crew, if you remember. Why the fuck should I save your pitiful little life?", he asked. The captain sat back down in his chair.

Frank Durake stood up, "Have you any idea what The Vontari do with their prisoners?"

The blue man smiled, "I have no idea, what do the Vontari do with their prisoners?"

The ginger-haired man gulped, "They eat them."

Captain Bones laughed, "Frankie my Dear, I don't give a damn."

He pressed a button on the captains chair and the view-screen went blank.

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