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Slimus Hands was busy in the kitchen, cooking dinner. A thick, purple stew bubbled in a golden sauce-pan on the stove, gurgling like an Agarian swamp. Teach, Ebony and Chief Engineer Morgan sat around a square metal table, "And what do you call this?", asked the giant bull-headed Minovan, sniffing the thick purple liquid on his golden spoon.

"Itsth all we've got, I'm afraid.", splurted Slimus Hands, "We ate the latht of the Cathedral thpaith thtationth food thupplieth latht week."

"I thought Mister Rackman had some eel-worms in the cargo hold?", snorted Teach.

The slimy slug-faced man shrugged his shoulders, "When I looked, all I could find wath a duthen Kakalaka eggth."

The giant stood up and kicked his chair across the galley, "The captain knows that Minovans only eat live-food."

The metal doors of the elevator opened with a soft squishing sound and William Bones entered the galley, he picked up the broken chair. "What's going on here?", he asked.

Teach picked up the blue man by the collars of his black cotton jacket and dangled him in the air, "I'm hungry.", he snorted in a gruff voice.

"I suggest you put me down.", sighed Captain Bones, prodding the giants belly with a silver dagger, "I'd hate to get blood on my uniform."

The Minovan laughed and lowered the blue-skinned man to the ground. Captain Bones straightened his jacket, "I guess that we lost most of our live-stock when the Ago-virus infected the ship."

Slimus Hands tapped the captain on the shoulder, "I've made a thpethial thoup, jutht for you, Thir.", he slurped, "I thaved you the latht of the rationth from the bounty hunterth thip.", spat the slug-faced cook, waving his tentacles in the air. "Itth an Earth delicathy, pea thoup.", a stream of yellow slime dribbled down the green mans chin. "Of courth, I had to make it with re-conthtituded peath.", the slug-faced alien smiled.

The blue-skinned man took off his round spectacles and wiped the sticky yellow spittle off the rose-tinted lenses with a red silk handkerchief. "Captain to bridge. Graccomali, are there any inhabited planets in this quadrant?"

The fish-like mermaid swam about in her aquarium, splashing her tail. "Aculis is the closest, Captain. There are no sentient life-forms on the planet but they do have some fascinating wild-life."

Teach rubbed his belly and smiled.

"Captain to engine room, pump up the thermo-reaction chamber."

"Aye, aye, Cap'n.", snorted Morgan.

"Captain to Pilot. Set course for the planet Aculis, we're going on a hunting trip.", ordered the blue-skinned man.

"Yes Sir.", replied the sharp metallic voice of Exquimilian.

"Captain to Rackman. "

"I hear you Captain.", replied the one-eyed quatermaster.

"We're going to need some strong nets and traps.", suggested the blue-skinned man. "Captain to armoury, we need vap-guns and stun-spears."

"Aknowledged.", replied Lo.

Six hours later, the Quadagh Mercenary took orbit above the planet Aculis. Commander Silver pulled a lever on the control panel and the doors of the shuttle opened with a 'swish'.

"Any life-signs?", asked Captain Bones.

"Plenty.", replied Silver, "But I don't recognise any of the species."

Aculis is a small yellow and blue world with two suns, rich in vegetation and wild-life. The climate is tropical and rainforests cover three quarters of the planets surface. Callico Jack Rackman picked up a long metal fishing rod, two large metal buckets and a black plasteen sack, "I'm going fishing, I'll meet you back here in a couple of hours.", he suggested.

Teach picked up a stun-spear and a large wire-mesh net, which he flung over his shoulders. Captain Bones, Commander Silver and Gunner Lo decided to go hunting in the forest, armed with lazer-rifles, vap-guns and a handful of black sacks. The bull-headed Minovan giant tapped the blue man on the shoulder and handed him a small metal cage, "Remember Captain, I like my meat fresh, don't kill everything you catch."

The forest was full of strange and exotic plants, tall trees with red and orange leaves and twisted trunks, spiralled up towards the yellow sky. A carpet of blue moss covered the forest floor and purple flowers danced in the warm morning breeze. Green and black fruits hung, like Christmas decorations, from the branches of the trees. Silver climbed one of the spiral-trees and picked a small, green, sweet-smelling fruit, he took a bite.

"Careful.", warned Gunner Lo, "It might be poisonous."

"Too late.", sighed the silver haired youth.

"What does it taste like?", asked the captain, looking up towards the handsome young man sitting in the tree. The silver-haired Venusian threw a fruit down and the captain caught it in his hands.

"Very sweet.", smiled the youth.

William Bones and Cheng Lo gathered up the fruits as they fell and put them into plasteen sacks. Silver climbed down from the tree and the three crew-mates continued their hunt through the forest.

Teach crept up behind the purple furred wolf-like creature and poked it in the back with a stun-spear. The blood-beast turned around to face its attacker and growled, two razor sharp fangs jutted out from its lower jaw and a stream of dribble ran down its chin. Teach took a step closer, "Sit!", he commanded.

The purple blood-beast sat down and raised its right fore-paw towards the bull-headed giant, "Good doggie.", smiled Teach, patting the dog-like creature on the head.

"Did you catch anything?", asked Silver.

Callico Jack Rackman stood up and pointed to the buckets of water by his side. "A few tiddlers, but you should have seen the one that got away. It was the size of a Targalian alligator."

Captain Bones sat down on the bank of the lake and gazed towards the steaming, crystal clear, pale blue water, "Does anybody fancy a swim, before we go?" , he asked, unbuttoning his black cotton jacket.

"You must be mad.", sighed the rosy-cheeked quatermaster, pointing to the steam, rising above the bubbling lake. "Have you any idea how hot that water is?"

The blue-skinned man unbuckled his belt and unzipped his black rubber-skin jeans, "I've never been in a jaccuzi."

Gunner Lo took off his jacket and un-laced his boots.

Silver sat down on a rock by the side of the lake.

Billy Bones was already in the water, up to his waist. "Aren't you coming?", he asked, looking towards the silver-haired Venusian youth. Beeds of water glistened on the blue-skinned mans well-muscled, smooth, hairless chest, he rubbed his groin through his wet white briefs and licked his lips.

Commander Silver shook his head.

Cheng Lo stripped naked and followed his captain into the steaming lake.

Callico Jack picked up the metal buckets, "I'll see you three back at the shuttle."

The blue-skinned man splashed about in the bubbling water, "Come on Kid, it's like a steam-bath in here."

"No, thanks.", sighed Commander Silver, unzipping his jacket. "I think I'll just stay here and soak up the suns."

"Why not?", asked Cheng Lo, washing himself in the boiling water.

"Because I can't swim.", sighed the bare-chested Venusian, unzipping the fly of his black plasteen jeans.

Lo dived under the warm, crystal clear water and swam between the captains legs, pulling down the blue mans underpants as he passed between his thighs. He stood up in front of the captain and grabbed hold of the blue-skinned mans stiff wet cock.

Commander Silver took a bite from a small green plum, he was bare-chested and beads of crystal swet trickled down his smooth muscular chest. The Venusian stood up and unzipped his jeans. he pulled down his red boxer shorts and dived into the lake.

Three hours later, the shuttle arrrived back at The Quadagh Mercenary. The metal doors of the elevator opened with a loud 'squishing' sound. "How was your hunting trip?", asked the snake-headed woman, sitting in the captains chair.

The blue man smiled, "Not bad. We should have enough food on board for a few weeks.". A small white monkey with one eye and large pointed ears, sat on the captains shoulder.

"Whats that?", asked Ebony, she stood up and William Bones sat down in the captains chair.

"It is a chiki-monkey.", explained the blue-skinned man, "It followed us home."

"Cheeki! Cheeki!", chirped the alien monkey.

"His name is Chiko."

Silver sat down at the command consule. He took a bite from a small green fruit, chewed it for a few seconds and spat the pips out, onto the floor. The view-screen at the front of the bridge flickered into life and the face of Callico Jack Rackman appeared on the viewer, "We've got a problem Sir.", sighed the one-eyed quatermaster, "Someone forgot to lock the door of one of the cages, the swamp-rats have escaped."

"How many of them?", asked Captain Bones.

"About thirty, they could be anywhere on the ship by now."

"Then I suggest you find them, before they start breeding.", ordered the blue-skinned man.

"I'm doing my best.", sighed the rosy-cheeked Human.

Commander Silver took another bite from the green fruit, he lifted up his black and green striped sweater over his head and dropped it onto the floor. The silver-haired youth leant back in his chair and kicked off his boots, "It's a bit warm in here.", he sighed, rubbing his bare chest with his left hand.

Ebony shrugged her shoulders, "No, it's not."

The young Venusian turned his chair to face his captain.

"Are you feeling okay?", asked the blue-skinned man in the captains chair, "You look a bit hot."

Silver was sweating profusely. "I feel fine.", he sighed, "In fact, I feel great.". The young Venusian grinned at the blue man.

"Have you been drinking?", asked the captain.

Commander Silver unzipped his black plasteen jeans and clutched his groin with his right hand, "Not yet.", he smiled, "I just feel a bit horny. "

Captain Bones stood up, "Ebony, take over for a while, we'll be in my cabin if you need us."

The snake-headed woman sat down in the captains chair.

"Captain to galley."

"Yeth Thir.", replied Slimus Hands.

"Do you have any more of those Aculis fruits in the kitchen?", asked the blue-skinned man.

"Plenty Thir."

"Send half a dozen to my cabin, please."

The metal doors of the elevator opened with a soft, squishing sound, Commander Silver stood up and staggered over to his captain. He took hold of the blue mans hand, "Would you like a bite of my plum?", he asked.

The Captain smiled at his companion, "Captain to galley."

"Yeth Thir, what can I do for you?", asked the ships cook.

"Better make that a dozen.".

Teach and Lo sat at a metal table in the ships galley. A large purple dog with prickly fur, sat on the floor next to the giant, licking its razor-sharp teeth with the tip of its wet black tongue.

"Ith dinner thatithfactory?", splurted Slimus Hands.

A pink google fish swam happily about in a bowl of crystal clear blue water on the table, splashing its tail. The giant Minovan put his hand into the fish bowl and grabbed the pink fish, he stared into its large yellow eyes for a few seconds and then bit off its head. "It's a bit chewy.". he replied, "but it will suffice.", the giant gulped.

Slimus hands waved his tentacles in the air, "I think you need to learn thum table mannerth."

Lo stood up and walked over to the purple blood-beast, he knelt down and patted the animal on the head. The alien dog gazed up at him and licked his face. "He's very friendly, isn't he?", Lo tickled the Aculis blood-beast under the chin, the purple dog licked the yellow mans fingers and bit off his left-hand in a single bite. Lo screamed in agony and a jet of red blood spurted across the galley, hitting the far wall.

Teach laughed. "At least he likes you."

Lo sat down, clutching his arm to his chest with his right hand. He looked up at Teach and gritted his teeth in pain, "What do you mean, 'he likes me'? He just bit off my fucking hand!"

The giant Minovan stroked the purple blood-beast, "If he didn't like you, he would have gone for your bollocks."

Slimus Hands picked up a white cloth from the table and wrapped it around the Gunners stump, "Thlimuth Handth to thick-bay, Mithter Lo hath had an acthident.". The cloth was now red and damp, drops of scarlet blood splashed in a puddle on the metallic floor.

The metal doors of the galley slid open and Doctor Ami stepped out of the elevator, clutching a white med-kit under one arm.

Commander Silver lay naked on the captains bed, masturbating. Billy Bones lifted his black and red striped sweater over his head and dropped it onto the floor, beads of swet glistened on his naked pale blue torso. "How do you feel now?", he asked.

"The room won't stop spinning.", sighed the silver haired Venusian.

The blue-skinned man unzipped his fly and stroked the growing bulge beneath the fabric of his white silk briefs with his right hand.

"Suck me off.", sighed the youth.

Captain Bones sat down on the bed, beside the young handsome Venusian, "This is the third time in as many hours.", he laughed.

Commander Silver giggled, "I'm still feeling fruity."

The blue man leant over and licked the tip of the Venusians long, thick pink penis, he parted his lips and let the boys smooth, erect cock slip into his thirsty mouth. The Silver-haired youth leant back on the pillow and sighed, "That feels great.", he whispered.

Billy Bones rocked his head slowly, back and forth, sucking the Venusians cock deep into his mouth.

Commander Silver gazed up at the swirling rainbows above his head, "I think I'm going to come.", he whispered.

The naked blue-skinned man probed the boys smooth, velvet, pink arsehole with his left forefinger, the young Venusian gasped and shivered, shooting a jet of steaming hot jism down the blue mans throat, Billy Bones swallowed the warm salty spunk and smiled.

"I enjoyed that.", he sighed, resting his head on the Venusians smooth, flat abdomen.

Silver ran his fingers through the captains silky brown hair, "Would you like a cigarette?", he asked, reaching under the pillow. He placed a purple tube between the blue mans lips and lit the tapered end with a gold cigarette lighter. 2002-2015. All rights reserved.
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